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Over a thousand from the 1970s, over 1500 from the 1980s, and over 750 from the 1990s, totaling over 3300 movies on one massive giant packed external hard drive! (This page viewed much better on desktop/laptop)

When women were real and beautiful, and movies had stories and often location shooting (especially in the '70s), nothing can ever beat the '70s, '80s and '90s for entertaining adult cinema and video.

We're revamping the giant classic XXX collection, check back on Mon., April 29th, 2024 for all the incredible info and updated listing! That will be the final delay!

(All movies and extras are just "normal" and "typical" movies, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. And all of course feature only legal age actors and actresses.)

Don't forget! Come back Monday April 29th! (Sorry it's taking a little long but it'll be worth it!)

There will also be an amazing very special offer on Monday the 29th, limited to only a handful of buyers, and it will be first bought, first served! Make note to check it out!

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Cards and Pay-Pal accepted, and no one ever sees your information, it's secure and you're protected. Shipping included!

New payment and updated info on

April 29th!

Don't forget, THE SWANAGE is a trusted eBay seller since 2008, with over 1780 positive feedbacks (100%)

as of January 2024, so buy with confidence! If you'd like to see THE SWANAGE on eBay, click here.
(The collections are not sold on eBay.)

Only brand-name external drives like Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital used.

Example of a portable external hard drive below --

THE SWANAGE and especially THE PHANTOM thanks you for your consideration in making a purchase for the classic XXX collection. It's a cliche, but they really don't make them like they used to!

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