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Over 500+ sexy films from the 60s and 70s
Plus many bonuses including 80s and more)


Vanessa 1977_edited.jpg
Olivia Pascal in "Vanessa" (1977)

An amazing collection of over 500 sexy classic erotic films from the 60s and 70s, featuring such gorgeous stars as Rene Bond, Uschi Digard, Olivia Pascal, Lina Romay and many others! 

PLUS! You will receive a HUGE amount of bonus material, such as many erotic films from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, a bunch more from the 60s and 70s in other languages (but with English subtitles), and many more surprises!

This astounding collection is sure to please for years to come, many fan favorites as well as incredible rarities. 

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Classic Erotica Drive - $179.99
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1,000 Shapes of a Female (1963) Darlene Bennett, Linda Bennett

2069 A Sex Odyssey (1974) Nina Frederik, Catharina Conti

A Good Time with a Bad Girl (1967) John Beck, Carla Desmond

A Man for Sale (1978) Lilli Carati, Mircha Carven

A Scream in the Streets (1970) Joshua Bryant, Frank Bannon

A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine (1966) Stacey Walker, Sam Melville

A Sweet Sickness (1968) Vincene Wallace, Art T. Romans

A Taste of Flesh (1967) Michael Alaimo, Darlene Bennett

A Thousand Pleasures (1968) Janet Banzet, Uta Erickson

A Virgin for St. Tropez (1975) Marianne Remont

Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town (1975)  Mary Mendum, Eric Edwards

Adam and Six Eves (1962) Randy Brent, Gabrielle Benett

Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) Christopher Neil, Suzy Kendall

Africa Erotica (1970) Carrie Rochelle, Alice Marie

Agony of Love (1966) Pat Barrington, Sam Taylor

Alice Goodbody (1974) Colleen Brennan, Daniel Kauffman

Alice in Acidland (1969) Julia Blackburn, Roger Gentry

All the Sins of Sodom (1968) Dan Machuen, Sue Akers

All Women Are Bad (1969) Peter Bradford, Liz Byan, Eva

Andrea (1968) Dagmar Lassander, Ralph Clemente

Ann and Eve (1970) Gio Petré, Marie Liljedahl

Another Day, Another Man (1966) Agustin Mayor, Barbara Kemp

Anything for Money (1967) Joanna Mills, Judson Todd

Arabian Nights (1974) Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti

Around the World with Fanny Hill (1974) Shirley Corrigan, Peter Bonke

Aroused (1966) Janine Lenon, Steve Hollister

As Nature Intended (1961) Bridget Leonard, Angela Jones

Auditions (1978) Bonnie Werchan, Rick Cassidy

Auntie (1974) Mark Jones, Sue Longhurst

Autumn Born (1979) Dorothy Stratten, Ihor Procak

Bad Girls Do Cry (1965) William Page, Misty Ayers

Bad Girls for the Boys (1966) William F. McGaha, Bob Johnson

Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965) Gigi Darlene, Charles E. Mazin

Barbed Wire Dolls (1976) Lina Romay, Paul Muller

Behind Convent Walls (1978) Ligia Branice, Howard Ross

Behind Locked Doors (1968) Eve Reeves, Joyce Danner

Bible (1974) Caprice Couselle, Georgina Spelvin

Bilitis (1977) Mona Kristensen (comm)

Black Cobra (1976) Jack Palance, Laura Gemser (comm)

Black Emmanuelle (1975) Laura Gemser, Karin Schubert

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle (1976) Laura Gemser, Annie Belle

Black Venus (1983) Josephine Jacqueline Jones

Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962) Blaze Starr

Blazing Stewardesses (1975) Yvonne De Carlo, Robert Livingston (comm)

Blondes in Black Leather (1971) Barbara Bouchet, Margaret Lee

Blue Money (1972) Alain Patrick, Barbara Mills

Blue Rita (1977) Martine Fléty, Sarah Strasberg

Blue Sextet (1971) John Damon, Peter Clune

Booby Trap (1970) Carl Monson, Angela Carnon (comm)

Bottoms Up (1974) Alena Penz, Alexander Grill

Bread (1971) Anthony Nigel, Peter Marinker

Brigitta (1967) Eva Richter, Elke Cole

Bummer (1973) Kipp Whitman, Dennis Burkley

But Who Raped Linda (1975) Alice Arno, Lina Romay

Butterflies (1975) Harry Reems, Eric Edwards (comm)

C’mon Baby Light My Fire (1969) Stephanie Bae, Olivia Brandon

Caligula's Hot Nights (1977) Red Martin

Camille 2000 (1969) Danièle Gaubert (comm)

Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses (1977) Jeff Doucette

Can I Keep It Up for a Week (1974) Jeremy Bulloch, Neil Hallett

Candy Stripe Nurses (1974) Candice Rialson, Robin Mattson

Career Bed (1969) Jennifer Welles, John Cardoza

Cargo of Love (1968) Sheila Britt, Gloria Irizarry

Carnal Revenge (1974) Jacques Stany, Femi Benussi

Celebrity Nude Revue, The Saucy 70’s Volume 1

Celebrity Nude Revue, The Saucy 70’s Volume 2

Celebrity Nude Revue, Easy 80’s Volume 1 

Chain Gang Women (1971) Michael Stearns, Robert Lott

Charlotte (11974) Sirpa Lane, Michel Duchaussoy (bad quality)

Chatterbox! (1977) Candice Rialson, Larry Gelman

Cheerleaders Beach Party (1978) Lynn Hastings, Jamie Jensen

Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy (1976) Shari Eubank, Dorrie Thomson

Christina, Princess of Eroticism (1973) Christina von Blanc (comm)

Cinderella (1977) Cheryl Smith, Yana Nirvana

Cinderella 2000 (1977) Catharine Burgess, Jay B. Larson (comm)

Cindy and Donna (1970) Debbie Osborne, Nancy Ison

Class of '74 (1972) Pat Woodell, Marki Bey

College Girls (1968) Capri, Marsha Jordan

Come Play with Me (1977) George Harrison Marks, Alfie Bass (comm)

Common Law Wife (1963) Annabelle Weenick, Lacey Kelly

Commuter Husbands (1974) Gabrielle Drake, Robin Bailey

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979) Alan Lake

Confessions of A Psycho Cat (1968) Eileen Lord, Ed Garrabrandt

Confessions of a Sex Maniac (1974) Roger Lloyd Pack, Vicki Hodge

Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974) Mary Mendum, Jennifer Welles

Cool It Carol! (1970) Robin Askwith, Janet Lynn

Country Cuzzins (1972) Rene Bond, John Tull

Country Hooker (1974) Rene Bond, Ric Lutze

Cover Girl Models (1975) Pat Anderson, Lindsay Bloom

Crazed (1978) Leslie Caron, Ramon Bieri

Crazy Wild and Crazy (1964) Darlene Bennett, Dawn Bennett

Cruel Passion (1977) Koo Stark, Martin Potter

Cry Uncle (1971) Jackson Beck, Pamela Gruen

Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976) Ronald Tanet, Maureen Ridley

Daddy Darling (1970) Helli Louise, Gio Petré

Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (1971) Diana Kjær, Robert Strauss

Dames and Dreams (1974) Serena, Margie Lanier

Daughters of Lesbos (1968) Geri Miller, Linda Boyce

Deadly Weapons (1974) Chesty Morgan, Harry Reems

Deep Jaws (1976) Sandy Carey, Byron Clark

Delicato (1970) Maria Arnold, Suzanne Fields

Delinquent School Girls (1975) Michael Pataki, Bob Minor

Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976) John Steiner, Lina Polito

Desire Under the Palms (1968) Charlotte Brody, Orando Childs

Diary of a Nudist (1961) Davee Decker, Norman Casserly

Diary of a Sinner (1974) Iain Ewing, Tom Celli

Dinah East (1978) Ultra Violet, Andy Davis

Dirty Pool (1970) Uschi Digard, Neola Graef

Double Agent 73 (1974) Chesty Morgan, Frank Silvano

Dr. Minx (1975) Edy Williams, Randy Boone

Dracula The Dirty Old Man (1969) Vince Kelley, Ann Hollis

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (1978) Laura Gemser, Ely Galleani

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti

Emanuelle’s Revenge (1975) Rosemarie Lindt, Annie Carol Edel

Endless Night (1972) Yvon Dorval, Velly Beggar

Escape to Passion (1970) Leonard Shoemaker, Kathy Hilton

Escort Girls (1974) Maria O'Brien, David Dixon

Eugénie (1973) Soledad Miranda, Paul Muller

Evil Come Evil Go (1972) Cleo O'Hara, Sandra Henderson

Experiments in Love (1977) Linda Gordon, Mike Ranger

Fairy Tales (1978) Don Sparks, Sy Richardson

Fear and Love (1967) Claude Cerval, Véra Valmont

Felicity (1978) Glory Annen, Chris Milne (comm)

Female Animal (1970) Arlene Farber, Vassili Lambrinos

Fiona (1977) Fiona Richmond, Anthony Steel

Five Wild Girls (1964) Marc Bonseignour, Madeleine Constant

Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier

Flesh Gordon (1974) Jason Williams, Suzanne Fields (comm)

Fluctuations (1970) Sondra Bender, Eric Carlson

Fly Me (1973) Pat Anderson, Lenore Kasdorf

Frankie and Johnnie Were Lovers (1975) Rene Bond, Ric Lutze

Freudus Sexualis (1965) Helen Bryer, Donald Cuishelly Sr.

Frustration (1969) Marsha Jordan, Bill Amerson

Fuego (1969) Isabel Sarli, Armando Bo

Fugitive Girls (1974) Jabie Abercrombe, Rene Bond (comm)

Game Show Models (1977) Gilbert DeRush, Rae Sperling (comm)

Games Girls Play (1974) Christina Hart, Oliver Gilbert

Games of Desire (1964) Ingrid Thulin, Paul Hubschmid

Games That Lovers Play (1971) Joanna Lumley, Penny Brahms

Gas Pump Girls (1979) Kirsten Baker, Linda Lawrence

Gemini Affair (1975) Marta Kristen, Kathy Kersh

Getting Into Heaven (1970) Uschi Digard, Jennie Lynn

Ginger (1971) Cheri Caffaro, Duane Tucker

Girl in Trouble (1963) Tammy Clarke, Ray Menard

Girl Meets Girl (1974) Marie Forsa, Nadia Henkowa (comm)

Girl of the Night (1960) Anne Francis, Lloyd Nolan

Girls Are for Loving (1973) Cheri Caffaro, Timothy Brown

Girls Comes First (1975) John Hamill, Bill Kerr

Glenda (1976) Glenda Kemp, Peter J. Elliott

Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963) Allison Louise Downe (comm)

Group Marriage (1973) Victoria Vetri, Aimee Eccles

Groupie (1970) Ingrid Steeger, Rolf Eden

Groupie Girl (1970) Esme Johns, Billy Boyle

Gums (1976) Brother Theodore, Terri Hall

H.O.T.S. (1979) Susan Kiger, Lisa London

Hard to Remember (1974) Rutger Hauer, Dagmar Lassander

Has Anybody Seen My Pants (1975) Josef Moosholzer

Have You Ever Been on a Trip (1970) Cheryl Powell, Jane Barber

Heat of Midnight (1966) Jean Vinci, Jean Claudio

Henry's Night In (1969) Harvey Shain, Barbara Kline

Her Odd Tastes (1969) Marsha Jordan, Capri

Hetero Sexualis (1973) Michael Pataki, Becky Sharpe

Hideout in the Sun (1960) Greg Conrad, Dolores Carlos (comm)

Hip, Hot and 21 (1967) Diane Darcel, Lorna Maitland

Hollywood After Dark (1968) Tony Vorno, Paul Bruce

Hollywood Babylon (1972) Roger Gentry, Uschi Digard

Hot Blooded Woman (1965) Gregg Pappas, Bob Brown

Hot Connections (1972) Billy Busy, Dennis Falt, Rene Bond

Hot Ice (1978) Harvey Shain, Teresa Parker 

Hot Nights on the Campus (1966) Judy Adler, Darlene Bennett

Hot Skin Cold Cash (1968) Charles Howard, Victoria Astor

Hot Spur (1968) James Arena, Virginia Gordon

Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (1967) Rita Alexander, Lorna Maitland

Hot Times (1974) Henry Cory, Gail Lorber

House of 1000 Sins (1975) Peter Hamm, Margaret Rose Keil

House of Whipcord (1974) Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr

House on Bare Mountain (1962) Bob Cresse, Laine Carlin

How I Got My Mink (1969) Phil Davis, Heather Gordon

How to Succeed with Sex (1970) Zack Taylor, Linda Vair

Hustler Squad (1976) Julie Ege, Tony Bonner

I a Woman 2 (1968) Gio Petre, Lars Lunoe (comm)

I Am Frigid Why (1972)  Sandra Julien, Marie-Georges Pascal

I Like the Girls Who Do (1973) Alena Penz, Gunter Ziegler

I Want More (1969) Cathy Adams, Bambi Allen

I, a Woman (1965) Essy Persson, Preben Mahrt

I, Marquis De Sade (1967) Cindy Ella, Anne Grant

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976) Barry Andrews, James Booth

Immoral Women (1979) Marina Pierro, Gaëlle Legrand 

In Hot Blood (1968) Doris Porro, Ruth Colon

In Praise of Older Women (1978) Tom Berenger, Karen Black

Incoming Freshmen (1979) Ashley Vaughn, Leslie Blalock

Indecent Desires (1968) Sharon Kent, Trom Little

Infrasexum (1969) Eroff Lynn, Carlos Tobalina

Inga (1968) Marie Lijedahl, Monica Strommerstedt (comm)

Initiation (1970) Gilles Chartrand, France Dionne

Inserts (1974) Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Harper

Intimate Games (1976) George Baker, Monika Ringwald

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) William Smith, Anitra Ford

Is There Sex After Death (1971) Alan Abel, Buck Henry

Island of 10000 Delights (1978) Olivia Pascal, Philippe Garnier

It’s a Sick, Sick, Sick World (1965) Joel Holt, Sheila Britt

It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (1974) David Hemmings, Alida Valli (comm)

Janie (1970) Linda Vair, Peer St. Jean

Joy of Flying (1977) Olivia Pascal, Ajita Wilson

Judy (1970) Dave Haller, Sandy O'Hara

Julia (1974) Jean-Claude Bouillon, Sylvia Kristel

Karzin in Cuba (1960) Ivonne Michel, Caesar Gary

Keyholes Are for Peeping (1972) Sammy Petrillo, Phillip Stahl

Kiss Me Killer (1977) Gilda Arancio, Lina Romay

Kiss Me Quick! (1964) Max Gardens, Frank A. Coe (comm)

Kitten in a Cage (1968) Miriam Eliot, John Dunham

Kleinhoff Hotel (1977) Corinne Cléry, Bruce Robinson

Lady Godiva Rides (1969) Marsha Jordan, Harvey Shain

L'amour de femme (1969) Cathy Adams, Alice Friedland

Laura's Toys (1975) Mary Mendum, Eric Edwards

Libido (1973) Elke Neidhart, Bryon Williams

Libido The Urge to Love (1971) Sandra Julien, Janine Reynaud

Like Wow (1962) Denise Daniels, Stanton Pritchard

Lila (1968) Susan Stewart, Steve Vincent

Linda and Abilene (1969) Sharon Matt, Kip Marsh

Linda Lovelace for President (1975) Linda Lovelace, Fuddle Bagley

Line Up and Lay Down (1973) Philippe Gasté, Anne Libert

Little Girls (1966) Michelle Angelo, Bob Cresse

Lorna the Exorcist (1974) Pamela Stanford, Guy Delorme

Love By Appointment (1976) Ernest Borgnine, Françoise Fabian

Love Camp 7 (1969) Bob Cresse, Maria Lease

Love Feast (1969) Mia Coco, Ed Wood

Love from Paris (1970) Sue Peters, Jeff Roberts

Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978) Melissa Chimenti, Sirpa Lane

Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966) Harvey Shain, Dianne Michaels

Love Letters of a Portugese Nun (1977)  Susan Hemingway, William Berger

Love Me Like I Do (1970) Peter Carpenter, Dyanne Thorne

Love Toy (1973) Bernard Marcel, Pat Happel

Lover Boy (1975) Edwige Fenech, Valerio Fioravanti

Loves of a French Pussycat (1972) Sybil Danning, Michael Cromer

Loving Feeling (1968) Simon Brent, Georgina Ward

Lust for the Sun (1961) Brigette Baum, Gretchen Bjorling

Lust Weekend (1967) Claire Adams, John Keeler

Lusting Hours (1967) Roberta Findlay, Michael Findlay

Maid in Sweden (1971) Christina Lindberg, Monica Ekman

Malibu Beach (1978) Kim Lankford, James Daughton

Malibu High (1979) Jill Lansing, Stuart Taylor (comm)

Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) Gloria Grahame, Paul Lambert

Mandinga (1976) Antonio Gismondo, Serafino Profumo

Marcy (1969) Uta Erickson, Sheila Britt

Marianne's Temptations (1973) Rosa Fumetto, Bob Asklöf

Marquis de Sades Justine (1969) Koo Stark, Martin Potter

Marsha The Erotic Housewife (1970) Marsha Jordan, Ann Perry

Massage Parlor Hookers (1973) Beverly Bonner, George Dzundza

Meeting on 69th Street (1969) William Gillman, Harry Halup

Midnight Party (1976) Lina Romay, Olivier Mathot

Midnite Plowboy (1971) John Tull, Nan Cee

Mini-Skirt Love (1967) Janet Banzet, Donny Lee

Miss Nymphet's Zap-In (1970) Dixie Donovan, Tony Mark

Misty (1976) Mary Mendum, Jamie Gillis

Mnasidika (1969) Linda Boyce, Uta Erickson

Model Shop (1969) Anouk Aimée, Gary Lockwood

Mondo Keyhole (1966) Nick Moriarty, Adele Rein

Monique, My Love (1969) Linda Boyce, Jo Sweet

Moonlighting Mistress (1970) Harald Leipnitz, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek

Moonshine Love (1970) James Schacht, Olivo Ravina

My Body Hungers (1967) Gretchen Rudolph, John Aristedes

My Brother's Wife (1966) June Roberts, Sam Stewart (comm)

My Father's Wife (1976) Carroll Baker, Adolfo Celi

My Nights with Susan Sandra Olga & Julie (1975) Willeke van Ammelrooy

My Tale Is Hot (1964) Jack Little, Max Gardens, Candy Barr

Naked and Free The New Lifestyle (1968) Horst Tappert, Charlotte Kerr

Naked and Lustful (1976) Willeke van Ammelrooy, Beba Loncar

Nana (1970) Anna Gaël, Gillian Hills

Nature's Playmates (1962) Allison Louise Downe, Scott Osborne

Naughty Nymphs (1972) Sybil Danning, Eva Garden

Naughty School Girls (1975) Mary Mendum, Sandra Gartner

Naughty! A Report on Pornography and Erotica (1974) Chris Lethbridge-Baker

Night Call Nurses (1972) Patty Byrne, Alana Stewart

Norma (1970) Mady Maguire, Chris Warfield

Not Tonight Darling (1971) Luan Peters, Vincent Ball

Not Tonight Henry (1960) Hank Henry, Joni Day

Nude a Go-Go (1965) Susan Evans, Gretchen Rudolph

Nude on the Moon (1961) Marietta, William Mayer

Nudes on the Rocks (1963) Charlie Robinson, Irving Selig

Nudes on Tiger Reef (1965) Darlene Bennett, Dawn Bennett

Nymphs Anonymous (1968) Natasha, Gordon

Obscene House (1969) Bonnie Jo, Ann Leigh

Oddly Coupled (1970) Barbara Adams, Janus Adams

Oddo (1967) Allen Sterling, Martin Donley

Olga's Girls (1964) Audrey Campbell, Rickey Bell

Olga's House of Shame (1964) Alice Davis, W.B. Parker

Once Upon a Girl (1976) Richmond Johnson, Carol Piacente

Once Upon a Knight (1961) Jean Brett, Virginia Gordon

Operation Orient (1978) Annamaria Clementi, Gianni Gori

Orgy of the Dead (1965) Criswell, Fawn Silver (comm)

Over 18... and Ready! (1969) Mary McRea, Larry Martinelli

Our Lady of Lust (1972) Toti Achilli, Magda Konopka

Overdose of Degradation (1970) Anna Travers, Laurel Sommers

Overnite Models (1973) Gaby Heine, Tony Rose

Pandora and the Magic Box (1965) Rachel Adams, John Aristedes

Passion Fever (1969) Panos Kateris, Katerina Helmy

Passion Plantation (1976) Malisa Longo, Antonio Gismondo

Penelope Pulls It Off (1975) Linda Marlowe, Anna Bergman

Pets (1973) Ed Bishop, Joan Blackman

Pick-Up a.k.a. Pazuzu (1975) Jill Senter, Alan Long (comm)

Play Motel (1979) Ray Lovelock, Anna Maria Rizzoli

Please Don't Eat My Mother! (1973) Lynn Lundgren, Buck Kartalian

Please Don't Touch Me (1963) Lash La Rue, Ruth Blair

Poker In Bed (1974) Carlo Giuffrè, Edwige Fenech

Policewomen (1974) Sondra Currie, Tony Young

Poor Cecily (1973) Angela Field

Popcorn und Himbeereis (1978) Olivia Pascal, Benny Schnier

Primitive Love (1964) Jayne Mansfield, Franco Franchi

Private Arrangement (1970) Lynne Lori, Roger Gentry

Private Duty Nurses (1971) Katherine Cannon, Joyce Williams

Professor Lust (1967) Janet Banzet, Madison Arnold

Prostitutes Protective Society (1966) Darlene Bennett, Dawn Bennett

Put Your Devil Into My Hell (1973) Antonio Cantafora, Melinda Pillon

Psyched by the 4D Witch (1973) Margo, Esoterica, Tom Yerian

Psychedelic Sex Kicks (1967) Glen McKay, Janie Boyde

Queen of the Blues (1979) Mary Millington (comm)

Racquet (1979) Bert Convy, Lynda Day George

Rape (1978) Monique Gérard, Joëlle Le Quément

Raw Weekend (1964) Tracy Darcy, Lou Fink

Red Roses of Passion (1966) Judson Todd, Jean James

Rent-a-Girl (1965) Barbara Wood, Frank Spencer

Requiem for a Vampire (1971) Marie-Pierre Castel

Reservoir Cats (1968)  Antoinette Maynard, Walt Phillips

Return of the Secret Society (1968) Sue Akers, Linda Boyce

Ride a Wild Stud (1960) Hale Williams

Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse (1978) Debbie Ash, Carolyne Argyle

Roxanna (1970) Uschi Digard, Monica Gayle

Run Swinger Run! (1967) Gretchen Rudolph, Bob Strong

Run Virgin Run (1970) Joav Jasinski, Maria Brockerhoff



CLASSIC EROTICA 60s/70s continued

Sandra The Making of a Woman (1970) Monica Gayle

Sassy Sue (1972) John Tull, Colleen Brennan

Satanic Sisters (1977) Pamela Stanford, Karine Gambier

Satan's Bed (1965) Yoko Ono, Val Avery

Scandal in the Family (1975) Michele Placido, Simonetta Stefanelli

Scare Their Pants Off! (1968) Claire Adams, Marie Claire

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973) Joëlle Coeur, Gilda Arancio

Schoolgirls in Chains (1973) Gary Kent, John Parker (comm)

Scream of the Butterfly (1965) Nélida Lobato, Nick Novarro

Scyla (1967) Cathy Adams, Antoinette Maynard

Secrets (1971) Jacqueline Bisset, Per Oscarsson

Secrets of a Door to Door Salesman (1973) Brendan Price, Karen Boyes

Secrets of a Superstud (1976) Tony Kenyon, Mark Jones

Secrets of Sex (1970) Richard Schulman, Janet Spearman

Seeds (1968) Maggie Rogers, Candy Hammond

Seeds of Sin (1968) Maggie Rogers (Seeds sex version)

Sensational Janine (1970) Christine Schuberth, Renate Kasché

Sex and the Other Woman (1972) Bartlett Mullins, Peggy Ann Clifford

Sex by Advertisement (1968) Geri Miller, Joel M. Reed

Sex Club International (1967) Lucky Kargo, Dawn Bennett

Sex Farm (1974) Hilary Farr, Tristan Rogers

Sex with a Smile (1976) Barbara Bouchet, Edwige Fenech 

Sexplorer (1975) Monika Ringwald, Mark Jones

Sextet (1964) Pauly Dash, Judy Mason

Sexual Freedom in Denmark (1970) Karen Biller, Ruth Dymose

Sexual Fury (1969) Isabel Sarli, Victor Bo

Sexual Inadequacies (1969) Susy Andersen, Ugo Boccaletti

Sexy Cat (1973) Germán Cobos, Dyanik Zurakowska

Sexy Erotic Jobb (1975) Richard Bigotini, Lina Romay

Shanty Tramp (1967) Eleanor Vaill, Otto Schlessinger

She Lost Her You Know What (1968) Teri Tordai, Jean Piat

She Mob (1968) Mami Castle, Monique Duval

She Should Have Stayed in Bed (1963) Michael Barron, Terry Moore

She's 19 and Ready (1979) Ekkehardt Belle, Sabine Wollin

Should a Schoolgirl Tell (1969) Barbara Capell, Karl Lieffen

Shut Up and Deal (1969) Linette Bordeaux, Henri Manson

Sinner - The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac (1973) Anne Libert

Sins of the Flesh (1974) Francis Lemonnier, Patrick Penn

Siv a Swedish Girl (1971) Louise Thompson

Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School (1979) Brigitte Lahaie

Skin Deep (1979) Olga Karlatos, Juan Carlos Naya

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987) Elizabeth Kaitan, Cindy Beal

Slaves in Cages (1972) Brigit Kroyer, Ray Sebastian

Snowballin' (1971) Mariette Lévesque, Céline Lomez

Snuff (1976) Margarita Amuchástegui, Tina Austin

Some Like It Sexy (1969) Christopher Matthews, Yolande Turner

Southern Comforts (1971) Jack Richesin, Jacob Often

Space Thing (1968) Karla Conway, Steve Vincent

Spaced Out (1979) Barry Stokes, Tony Maiden

Spiked Heels and Black Nylons (1967) Cherry James, Bill Thurman

Squeeze Play (1979) Jim Harris, Jennifer Hetrick

Stacey (1973) Anne Randall, Alan Landers

Starlet! (1969) Shari Mann, Dee Lockwood

Stewardesses Report (1971) Evelyne Traeger, Ingrid Steeger

Stick It in Your Ear (1970) Guido Conte, Michelle Most

Story of a Cloistered Nun (1973) Catherine Spaak, Suzy Kendall

Story of a Love Story (1973) Alan Bates, Dominique Sanda

Strawberries Need Rain (1970) Les Tremayne, Paul Bertoya

Street Girls (1975) Carol Case, Art Burke

Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972) John Tull, Sandy Jackson

Submission (1969) Jennifer Welles, Gary Judin

Substitution (1970) Chuck Sailor, Patrice Nastasia

Suburban Pagans (1968) Cara Peters, Kathy Williams

Suburban Roulette (1968) Elizabeth Wilkinson, Ben Moore

Succubus (1968) Janine Reynaud, Jack Taylor

Sugar Cookies (1973) George Shannon, Mary Woronov

Summer Night Fever (1978) Stéphane Hillel, Olivia Pascal

Summer of ’69 (1969) Erotica Lantern, Alex Mann

Summer School Teachers (1974) Candice Rialson, Pat Anderson

Super Swinging Playmates (1975) Mikel Angel, Joyanne Mitchell

Surftide 77 (1962) Thomas Newman, Bob Cresse

Swedish Fly Girls (1971) Birte Tove, Baard Owe

Swedish Wildcats (1972) Diana Dors, Cia Löwgren

Sweet Georgia (1972) Marsha Jordan, Barbara Mills

Sweet Sugar (1972) Phyllis Davis, Ella Edwards

Sweet Trash (1970) Duncan McLeod, William Conners

Swinging Wives aka Was Manner... (1971) Astrid Frank, Eva Garden

Take It Out in Trade (1970) L.G. Allard, Nona Carver (comm)

Take Me Naked (1966) Kevin Sullivan, Roberta Findlay

Tales of Canterbury (1973) Patrizia Adiutori, Rik Battaglia

Tango of Perversion aka Le Tango... (1973) Valérie Boisgel

Tanya (1976) Maria Arnold, B.B. Hinds

Tarz and Jane, Cheeta and Boy (1975) Georgina Spenvin, Silver Foxx

Tarzun and the Valley of Lust (1970) Duane Prodd, Chris Robin

Teaser (1974) Becky Sharpe, John Paul Jones

Teaserama (1955) Bettie Page, Tempest Storm

Teen Lust (1979) Kirsten Baker, Perry Lang (comm)

Teenage Bride (1975) Sharon Kelley, Don Summerfield

Teenage Hitchhikers (1974) Chris Jordan, Sandra Peabody (comm)

Teenage Seductress (1975) Sondra Currie, Chris Warfield

Teenage Tramp (1973) Robin Lane, Alisha Fontaine

Tempting Roommates (1976) Martina Domingo, Rita Waldenberg

Tender Loving Care (1973) Donna Young, Marilyn Joi

Terror at Orgy Castle (1972) Bambi Allen, Ron Darby

Thar She Blows (1968) Shari Mann, Steve Vincent

The Abductors (1972) Cheri Caffaro, Richard Smedley

The Abnormal Female (1969) Pamela Berkley, Jeanette Foster

The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972) Rene Bond (comm)

The Adventures of Busty Brown (1964) Laurie Dane, Susan Evans

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre (1961) Billy Falbo

The Alley Cats (1966) Anne Arthur, Karin Field

The Alley Tramp (1968) Julia Ames, Jean Lamee

The Amazing Transplant (1970) João Fernandes, Linda Southern

The Amazons (1973) Alena Johnston, Sabine Sun

The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova (1977) Tony Curtis

The Animal (1968) John Alderman, Virginia Gordon

The Babysitter (1969) Patricia Wymer, George E. Carey

The Bare Hunt (1963) Sheri Everett, Marv Watson

The Beast (1975) Sirpa Lane, Lisbeth Hummel

The Beast That Killed Women (1965) Judy Adler, Juliet Anderson

The Beauties and the Beast (1974) Jacqueline Giroux, Uschi Digard

The Big Bird Cage (1972) Pam Grier, Anitra Ford (comm)

The Big Snatch (1971) Harry Chest, Momo, Peggy Church

The Big Switch (1968) Sebastian Breaks, Virginia Wetherell

The Bitch (1979) Joan Collins, Antonio Cantafora

The Black Alley Cats (1973) Sunshine Woods, Sandy Dempsey

The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance (1975) Femi Benussi

The Body (1974) Carroll Baker, Zeudi Araya Cristaldi

The Body Shop (1972) J.G. Patterson Jr., Jenny Driggers

The Booby Hatch (1976) Sharon Joy Miller, Rudy Ricci (comm)

The Brick Dollhouse (1967) Tina Vienna, Janice Kelly

The Case of the Smiling Stiffs (1973) Shiela Stewart, Harry Reems

The Cheerleaders (1973) Stephanie Fondue, Denise Dillaway (comm)

The Clamdiggers Daughter (1974) Chris Jordan, Eric Edwards

The Class Reunion (1972) Marsha Jordan, Rene Bond

The Coming of Sin (1978) Patricia Granada, Lidia Zuazo (comm)

The Countess Died of Laughter (1973) Teri Tordai, Gabriele Tinti

The Curious Dr. Humpp (1969) Ricardo Bauleo, Gloria Prat (comm)

The Curious Female (1970) Angelique Pettyjohn, Charlene Jones

The Curse of Her Flesh (1968) Eve Bork, Michael Findlay

The Curse of the Alpha Stone (1972) Jim Scotlin, Sandy Carey

The Cut-Throats (1969) Jay Scott, E.J. Walsh

The Daughter I, a Woman Part III (1970) Gunbritt Ohrstrom, Inger Sundh

The Deadly Females (1976) Tracy Reed, Bernard Holley

The Defilers (1965) Byron Mabe, Jerome Eden

The Degenerate (1969) Uta Erickson, Michael Findlay

The Demons (1973) Anne Libert, Carmen Yazalde

The Devil Came from Akasava Der (1971) Fred Williams

The Dirt Gang (1972) Paul Carr, Michael Pataki

The Dirty Girls (1965) Reine Rohan, Denyse Roland

The Dirty Mind of Young Sally (1973) Colleen Brennan

The Ecstasies of Women (1969) Walter Camp, Bonnie Clark

The Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel (1970) Francy Fair

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972) Douglas Frey, Jacqueline Giroux

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (1973) Alberto Dalbés (comm)

The Exotic Dreams of Casanova (1971) Jack Richesin, Uschi Digard

The Fabulous Bastard From Chicago (19679) John Alderman

The Fat Black Pussycat (1963) Frank Jamus, Janet Damon

The Filth Shop (1969) Susan Sex, Lover Lee

The First Nudie Musical (1976) Stephen Nathan, Cindy Williams

The Fruit is Ripe (1977) Betty Vergès, Olivia Pascal

The Girl from Pussycat (1969) Inga Daar, Gay Lamour

The Girl from S.I.N. (1966) Joyana, Barbara Kemp

The Girl Grabbers (1968) Paul Cox, Ludmilla Tchor

The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1967) Cathy Crowfoot, Adele Rein

The Godson (1971) Keith Erickson, Jane Allyson

The Great American Girl Robbery (1979) Kristine DeBell (comm)

The Hand of Pleasure (1971) Maria Arnold, Roxanne Brewer

The Hang Up (1969) Tony Vorno, Sharon Matt

The Happy Hooker (1975) Lynn Redgrave, Jean-Pierre Aumont

The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (1977) Joey Heatherton

The Head Mistress (1968) Julia Blackburn, Marsha Jordan

The Hot Bed (1965) Josette, De Ann, Stephen Pappas

The Hot Month of August (1966_ Petros Fyssoun, Giannis Fertis

The House of the Lost Dolls (1974) Sandra Julien, Silvia Solar

The Ice House (1969) David Story, Sabrina

The 'Imp'probable Mr. Wee Gee (1966) Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig

The Italian Stallion (1970) aka The Party at Kitty and Studs (1970) Sylvester Stallone

The Joy of Flying (1977) Corinne Brodbeck, Gianni Garko

The Kiss of Her Flesh (1968) Uta Erickson, Janet Banzet

The Layout (1969) Suzan Thomas, Betty Whitman

The Lickerish Quartet (1970) Silvana Venturelli, Erika Remberg (comm)

The Lonely Woman (1973) Renaud Verley, Gina Lollobrigida

The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (1971) Raimund Harmstorf

The Love Box (1972) Chris Williams, Alison King

The Love Cult (1966) Rita Bennett, Uta Erickson

The Love Garden (1971) Linda York, Jason Yukon

The Love Statue (1965) Peter Ratray, Beti Seay

The Loves of Cynthia (1972) Maureen Flanagan, Paul Kirby

The Love-Thrill Murders (1971) Troy Donahue, Renay Granville

The Loving Touch (1970) Lawrence Montaigne, Jo Anne Meredith

The Lusty Neighbors (1970) Gerard Broulard, Ron Dyer

The Melon Affair (1971) Frank Corsentino, Haji

The Minx (1969) Jan Sterling, Robert Rodan

The Muthers (1976) Jeannie Bell, Rosanne Katon

The Naughty Stewardesses (1975) Connie Hoffman (comm)

The Night Hustlers (1968) Andrea Barr, Margo Billings

The Notorious Cleopatra (1970) Loray White, Johnny Rocco

The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill (1966) Stacey Walker

The Nude Vampire (1970) Caroline Cartier, Olivier Rollin

The Only House in Town (1971) Uschi Digard, Ron Polkee

The Orgy at Lil's Place (1963) June Ashley, John Lyon

The Other Side of Midnight (1977) John Beck (comm)

The Pigkeeper's Daughter (1972) Terry Gibson, Peggy Church

The Pimp Primer (1970) Diane Clark, Uschi Digard

The Pink Pussy - Where Sin Lives (1964) Libertad Leblanc

The Playbirds (1978) Mary Millington, Glynn Edwards (comm)

The Pleasure Girls (1965) Francesca Annis, Anneke Wills

The Princess and the Call Girl (1983) Carol Levy, Victor Bevine

The Private Lesson (1975) Carroll Baker, Rosalino Cellamare

The Psychic (1968) Dick Gjonola, Robyn Guest

The Ramrodder (1969) Roger Gentry, Kathy Williams

The Ravager (1970) Pierre Agostino, Jo Long

The Raw Ones (1965) Charlotte, Cathy Crowfoot

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (1969) Ralph Jenkins, Dee Lockwood

The Sadist of Notre Dame (1979) Jesús Franco, Lina Romay

The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969) Katharine Shubeck, Janine Sweet

The Satanist (1968) Pat Barrington (comm)

The Scavengers (1969) John Bliss, Maria Lease

The School Teacher (1975) Edwige Fenech, Vittorio Caprioli

The School Teacher in the House (1978) Edwige Fenech

The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys' High (1978) Edwige Fenech

The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1969) Dee Lockwood

The Sensuous Nurse (1975) Ursula Andress, Duilio Del Prete

The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1971) Ingrid Steeger

The Sex of Angels (1968) Bernard De Vries, Rosemary Dexter

The Sex Perils of Paulette (1965) Anna Karol, Alan Feinstein

The Sex Thief (1973) David Warbeck, Diane Keen

The Sexploiters (1965) Norma Berke, Bettina (comm)

The Sinister Urge (1960) Kenne Duncan, Duke Moore

The Sister in Law (1974) John Savage, Anne Saxon

The Slave (1967) Claude Cerval, Sylvie Coste

The Stewardesses (1969) Christina Hart, Ronald South

The Story of O (1975) Corinne Cléry, Udo Kier

The Stud (1978) Joan Collins, Oliver Tobias (comm)

The Student Nurses (1970) Elaine Giftos, Karen Carlson

The Suckers (1972) Richard Smedley, Laurie Rose

The Swingin’ Pussycats (1969) Heidrun Kussin, Jürgen Rehmann

The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974) Jo Johnston, Cheryl Smith

The Takers (1971) Susan Apple, Fred Bush

The Tale of the Dean's Wife (1970) Luanne Roberts, Roger Gentry

The Teacher (1974) Angel Tompkins, Jay North

The Topless Story (1965) Dolly Doreac, Bambi Miller

The Touch of Her Flesh (1967) Suzanne Marre, Angelique Pettyjohn

The Toy Box (1971) Sean Kenney, Ann Perry

The Velvet Trap (1966) Jamie Karson, Alan Jeffory

The Velvet Vampire (1971) Michael Blodgett, Sherry E. DeBoer (comm)

The Virgin of the Beaches (1976) Adige Assis

The Wild Pussycat (1969) Kostas Prekas, Gisela Dali

The Woman Hunt (1972) John Ashley, Pat Woodell

The Young Nurses (1973) Jeane Manson, Ashley Porter

The Young Seducers (1971) Ingrid Steeger, Evelyne Traeger

The Yum Yum Girls (1976) Michelle Daw, Harlan Cary Poe

There's Snow Sex Like Snow Sex (1974) Judith Fritsch,

Therese and Isabelle (1968) Essy Persson, Anna Gaël

They Call Her One-Eye (Thriller US version) (1973) Christina Lindberg

Thigh Spy (1967) Sharon Kent, Dawn Bennett

Things to Come (1976) Jim Curtis, Barbara Fisk

This, That and the Other! (1970) Victor Spinetti, Vanessa Howard

Three in the Attic (1968) Judy Pace, Yvette Mimieux

Three Into Two Won't Go (1969) Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom

Three-Way Weekend (1980) Trey Wilson, Jody Lee Olhava

Thriller: A Cruel Picture - They Call Her One-Eye (1973) - Christina Lindberg

Tigers in Lipstick (1979) Ursula Andress, Sylvia Kristel

To Be Twenty (1978) Gloria Guida, Lilli Carati (ital, eng subs) Dir. Cut

To Be Twenty (1978) Gloria Guida, Lilli Carati (Producer's Cut)

Tobacco Roody (1970) Dixie Donovan, Johnny Rocco

Tower of Screaming Virgins (1968) Teri Tordai, Jean piat

Trader Hornee (1970) Buddy Pantsari, Julie Conners (comm)

Tropic of Cancer (1970) Rip Torn, James T. Callahan

Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties (1980) Lina Romay

Two Roses and a Goldenrod (1969) John Alderman, Elizabeth Knowles

Under the Doctor (1976) Barry Evans, Liz Fraser

Unsatisfied Love (1968) Carmin O'Neal, Jennifer Welles

Untamed Women in Nature in the Raw (1963) William Kerwin

Vacation Temptations (1972) Rena Bergen 

Vampire Ecstasy (1973) Marie Forsa, Nadia Henkowa (comm)

Vampire Hookers (1978) John Carradine, Bruce Fairbairn

Vampyros Lesbos (1971) Soledad Miranda (ger, eng subs)

Vanessa (1977) Olivia Pascal, Anton Diffring, Uschi Zech

Vanus in Furs (1969) Laura Antonelli, Régis Vallée

Venus In Furs (1969) James Darren, Barbara McNair

Vibrations (1968) Rita Bennett, Morris Kaplan (comm)

Video Vixens (1974) Keith Luckett, James Walters

Voices of Desire (1972) Sandra Peabody, Marlene Willoughby

Voodoo Passion (1977) Muriel Montossé, Ada Tauler

Vortex (1967) Philippo Vlachos, Fanis Hinas

Waves of Lust (1975) Al Cliver, Silvia Dionisio

We All Go Down (1969) Bill Doukas, Alice Haley

Weekend with the Babysitter (1970) George E. Carey, Susan Romen

What Schoolgirls Don't Tell  (1973) Werner Abrolat, Ekkehardt Belle

What's Up Nurse! (1978) Nicholas Field, Felicity Devonshire

What's Up Superdoc! (1978) Christopher Mitchell, Julia Goodman

When Love Is Lust (1973) Agostina Belli, Gianni Macchia

Wild Honey (1972) Edward Blessington, K.W. Christian

With These Hands... (1972) Georgina Ward, Geoffrey Morris

Women Behind Bars (1975) Lina Romay, Martine Stedil

Women In Cages (1971) Pam Grier, Judith Brown

World of the Depraved (1967) Tempest Storm, Ron von Klausen

WR Mysteries of the Organism (1971) Milena Dravic, Ivica Vidovic

Wrong Way (1972) Laurel Canyon, Candy Sweet

Young Lady Chatterley (1977) Harlee McBride, Peter Ratray

Young Playthings (1972) Christina Lindberg, Eva Portnoff

Zero in and Scream (1971) Michael Stearns, Donna Young


Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) Kitten Natividad
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers
Black Snake (1973) Anouska Hempel, David Warbeck
Cherry, Harry and Raquel (1970) Linda Ashton, Charles Napier
Common Law Cabin (1967) Jackie Moran, Babette Bardot
Europe in the Raw (1963)
Eve and the Handyman (1961)
Fanny Hill (1964) Miriam Hopkins, Alexander D'Arcy
Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! (1965) Tura Satana, Haji
Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968) Anne Chapman
Good Morning...and Goodbye! (1967) Alaina Capri, Stuart Lancaster
Heavenly Bodies! (1963) Ken Parker, Gaby Martone
Lorna (1964) Lorna Maitland, Mark Bradley
Mondo Topless (1966) Babette Bardot, Darlene Grey
Motorpsycho (1965) Haji, Alex Rocco
Mudhoney (1965) Hal Hopper, Antoinette Cristiani
Pandora Peaks (2001) Pandora Peaks, Tundi
Supervixens (1975) Charles Pitts, Shari Eubank
The Immoral Mr.Teas (1959)
The Seven Minutes (1971) Wayne Maunder, Marianne McAndrew
Up! (1976) Edward Schaaf, Robert McLane
Vixen (1968) Erica Gavin, Garth Pillsbury
Wild Gals of the Naked West (1962) Sammy Gilbert

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