The best all-around way to contact is by the following email:  

Yup, we still use good 'ol Yahoo mail, because we find it works just fine and we're so used to it.

About telephone contact, we don't put the phone number on the website anymore, but if you request a call, we'll call ya back.

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The reason we don't put the phone number here is because on the old website, "Rare Movies Worldwide," we did try that, but got way too many calls at all hours, and most of the questions were able to be answered on the site. So if you'd like to chat briefly on the phone (like you, we have lives, family etc) if you email your phone number and a few best times to reach you, we'll give you a buzz, most likely it will be me, Steve, as I do most of that stuff (Michael has a bigger family). Also, no texting please. We also may have a specific number for The Swanage only soon, and of course we'll put that here if we do that.

Please keep in mind that we definitely make ourselves available, and as our ebay record shows, we are very trustworthy sellers who will go all out to make a customer happy. Still, some may still want a little more comfort, and we'll call you to assure you all is well with your order if you'd like, or call you when it has shipped, etc. Anything you request that we can do, we'll do for you.

As far as home addresses, that's more sensitive, and all orders will be arriving from either New York, or Virginia. See the About/FAQ section for more info on that.