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A look back: original ads, reviews and articles on
Charles Bronson's personal Neighborhood Watch program

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THE PHANTOM here! Let's talk DEATH WISH. New York City in the '70s was indeed a mess, full of crime, poor leadership and low quality of life. Some great movies emerged through the turmoil however such as "Taxi Driver," "The Warriors," "Mean Streets," The Taking of Pelham 123," "Saturday Night Fever" and others. Even the comedy "Law and Disorder" from 1974 depicted a grimy, sleazy New York where citizens had enough and were fighting back.

- THE PHANTOM 9.25.22

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Countless people witnessed their "vigilante" fantasy in "Death Wish," but the fantasy became reality when perhaps the city's most infamous vigilante, Bernhard Goetz, shot four teens on a subway train as they attempted to mug him on December 22, 1984. Goetz, a victim of a mugging prior, still resonates with the citizens of NYC nearly forty years later. From the New York Daily News, this is the very first newspaper cover and very first article on "The Subway Gunman," who would dominate covers, headlines and the national psyche for a long time to come.  

Thanks very much for reading this look at "Death Wish," we'll be doing many more films and actors soon, always showing rare newspaper stories and movie ads, because the best reading is reading as it happened. - SF77

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Yes, we love PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE! None other than THE PHANTOM is working on a special page for it right now, to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, here's a bunch of great links to some good sites, articles and info. More coming!

If you haven't visited THE SWAN ARCHIVES, it's a must. Just a fantastic website dedicated to this incredible film. The best, and they thankfully have kept it going for many years. It doesn't get any better than this for all things PHANTOM of the PARADISE!

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