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THE PHANTOM welcomes you to
THE SWANAGE! We hope you have a good time!

Here right below are all the links to original SWANAGE YouTube videos and articles. The YouTube videos show a lot of vintage ads and more of the topic at hand, and the articles on the site often show more, like links to original stories and reviews back when it all happened. There's porn stars, pretty gals, monsters, pop culture & much more! Journey into the past with lots of great viewing and reading!

We offer movie collections! Click the banner to go to the MOVIE COLLECTIONS part of the SWANAGE website.

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RENE BOND vintage XXX & erotic movie and live appearances ads! (YouTube)

TRACI LORDS vintage XXX & live appearances ads! (YouTube)

KING KONG vs. GODZILLA (1962) original movies ads from the '60s and '70s! (YouTube)

KING KONG (1933) original movie ads and reviews! (YouTube, The Swanage)

GAMERA original newspaper advertisements! (YouTube)

KING KONG - original 1933 comic strips! (YouTube, The Swanage)

XXX adult film ads of 1976! (The Swanage)

XXX adult film ads of 1973! (YouTube)

XXX adult film ads of 1972! (YouTube)

DEATH WISH (1974) original ads, news and reviews! (The Swanage)

JULIET ANDERSON a.k.a. AUNT PEG vintage XXX movie and live app. ads! (YouTube)

MARLENE WILLOUGHBY vintage XXX movie and live appearances ads! (YouTube)

DESIREE COUSTEAU vintage XXX movie and live appearances ads! (YouTube, The Swanage)

FRANKENSTEIN (1931) original movie ads and news bits from 1931! (YouTube)

JAMES CAGNEY in the 1920s! Very rare ads and coverage! (The Swanage)

HOT WHEELS vintage newspaper ads for the hottest toy of 1968! (YouTube)

XXX adult film ads of 1971! (YouTube)

XXX adult film ads of 1970! (YouTube)

TAWNY PEARL XXX star video tribute! (YouTube)

SHE'S SO FINE (1985) XXX film stills! (YouTube)
SECOND SKIN (1991) XXX film stills! (YouTube)

LITTLE GIRLS BLUE (1978) XXX film stills! (YouTube)

               The New York Daily News gives THE TEXAS                           CHAINSAW MASSACRE a horrible review on                               Halloween, 1974! Read all about it here!


Articles coming soon....


SHOW WORLD in Times Square!








STAR WARS pre-1977!

...and so much more, all full of original rare ads and vintage news articles!


Yes, we love PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE! None other than THE PHANTOM is working on a special page for it right now, to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, here's a bunch of great links to some good sites, articles and info. More coming!

If you haven't visited THE SWAN ARCHIVES, it's a must. Just a fantastic website dedicated to this incredible film. The best, and they thankfully have kept it going for many years. It doesn't get any better than this for all things PHANTOM of the PARADISE!

The Movie No One Saw but Everyone Loves -- an excellent article from Esquire Magazine. 

The film was a phenomenon in Winnipeg, Canada, and here is an excellent article discussing it.

(Still trying to locate this great article)

Read a so-so review from the November 2nd, 1974 edition of the New York Daily News here. 

Den of Geek did a decent article.
Looking Back at Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise


The Devil Hits the Dome is a very informative article.

Here's the trailer for the "Phantom of Winnipeg" movie on YouTube! 

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